Kris MacDonald

sandingMy name is Kristopher MacDonald. I was born and raised in Waterloo, but for the last year I have been living in Muskoka. I spent most of my childhood playing hockey, snowboarding, skateboarding, wakeboarding, and fishing. In high-school I became very interested in automotive mechanics, and that is when my love for cars started.

As far back as I can remember, I have been drawing. I still have drawings from my first year of school, grade one. Through my life I have had struggles with drawing, and periods where I don’t draw at all. For years and years I would draw using a reference picture, and I did this for so long that I lost the ability to be original. I would stare at the blank paper in front of me, not being able to think of anything to draw. I had a name for this, I would call it “Blank Page Syndrome”. One day I decided I was no longer going to use reference pictures to draw from and instead use my imagination to create whatever I wanted. This was one of the biggest struggles for me. I have overcome this obstacle and have never looked back. Drawing from my imagination means whatever I draw is original, and there are no boundaries. It is complete freedom. Drawing from a reference picture is something I rarely do now.